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Anybody can take a picture or two. Taking the time to locate and manage your entire inventory is the SODA difference. We work with your management and lot personnel to find aging vehicles and make sure they are advertised. Cluttering your online inventory with already sold or wholesale vehicles creates a disappointing shopping experience and unsatisfied customers.  Your SODA rep will help keep your online presence clean, professional, and effective.
IOL is an Automotive Inventory Management tool that easily integrates into and streamlines the existing sales process of your dealership and effortlessly creates engaging display ads for every car on your lot. Expertly formatted content highlighting each vehicle's features is automatically distributed to dealer and OEM websites, online classifieds and third party sites. Trusted by thousands of dealers, experience the IOL advantage!
Effective advertising of your inventory in today's world of competitive online shopping requires photos and comments of not only your Used inventory, but also your New inventory. SODA's comprehensive Lot Management solution will help you attract and maintain that customer. Want Full Motion videos for all of your inventory? It is widely recognized to be a great way to get SEO results, and SODA does that too!
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Meet the team! 
  1. Josh
    With 15 years experience in Automotive Advertising, Josh is passionate about helping dealerships effectively reach online shoppers. He founded SODA to improve on the online representation he saw from his Dealer Customers as an Advertising Consultant. Josh enjoys traveling, gambling, and San Antonio Spurs basketball!
  2. Paige
    Paige arrived at SODA in July, 2014, bringing with her a specific customer management skill set and several years experience in back end support. She travels all over south Texas visiting and helping our customers. She enjoys traveling, fashion, San Antonio Spurs games, and anything Disney!
  3. Katie
    Katie is the veteran photographer on our staff with nearly 8 years as a SODA employee. She gets to know all of her customers on a personal basis and has a passion for keeping everybody happy. Katie is a horse owner and author, and spends her spare time promoting her novel series and tending to her animals.
  4. Kelly
    Kelly has been with SODA for nearly 4 years and came directly from a dealership. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge on eBay photography and listing services and is known for his consistency and punctuality. He enjoys collecting rare objects, rebuilding electronics, and international travel. He is witty with a dry sense of humor - don't mistake his sarcasm for dislike, he loves working with his dealerships!
  5. Nikolas
    Nik joined the SODA team in 2011 and is one of our most experienced photographers. He has taken several photography courses and understands how to make the most out of every picture regardless of the situation. He has a passion for airplanes and flying, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Give him a "Roll Tide!" when you see him!
  6. Charles
    Charles is our California guy, bringing existing vehicle photography experience from the San Jose area. He had been photographing vehicles for a few years when he arrived in San Antonio, and it was perfect timing as we needed another photographer! Charles is a fan of San Jose Sharks hockey, hanging out with family, and exploring his new surroundings. Give him a Texas howdy when you see him!
  7. Alshawn
    Alshawn arrived onto the SODA scene in November, 2014, bringing his communication and problem solving skills with him. His ability to fit into any environment makes him especially valuable, as we immediately immersed him into our Dealer Concierge program (full time work at one dealership). In his free time, Alshawn is a family man, a lover of anything sports, and a traveller.
  8. Ryan
    Ryan is one of our Dealer Concierge Representatives, spending everyday at the same store making sure all of their inventory is photographed and online as quickly as possible. He joined the SODA team in September, 2015 and has been a great asset. In his spare time he loves to travel, play golf and tennis, and do anything that involves the water. Ask him to cook you a world class meal next time you see him - you won't be disappointed!
  9. Brandon
    SODA recruited Brandon in September, 2015 after he was referred to us for his hard work ethic and great consistency. It was evident immediately as he quickly cemented his relationship with his dealerships and continues that today. In his spare time, Brandon loves spending time with his kids, working on cosplay outfits, and playing video games with his friends.
  10. Ben
    Ben is our resident dry humor specialist - if you don't want a sarcastic reply, you should probably not ask the question! Ben brings photography skills and previous work with a local photography company to SODA and puts it to work in the world of online vehicle marketing. He is a world traveler, having spent extended time in Europe for college credit. Say hi to him next time you see him on your lot - at your own risk, of course!
  11. James
    James is a Louisiana transplant that came to SODA in February, 2015 as one of our more enthusiastic reps! His outgoing personality fits in well with the Automotive industry and his knack for service is something his customers know him for. He is into playing basketball, watching sports of all types, and enjoys cooking a good ol' Louisiana meal - if you ask him, maybe he'll even share some with you!
  12. Matt
    Matt helps out SODA with our Austin customers, bringing a keen eye and a strong set of communication skills with him - a great combo for working with our dealerships and their vehicle photography. He enjoys the arts, hanging out with friends in the Austin area, and occasionally having a $5 Long Island Iced Tea pitcher from Shakespeare's on 6th street. Meet him there on a Thursday night some time!
  13. Luis
    Luis joined SODA in September, 2015, and takes care of our Laredo, TX customers. He takes a can do approach with all of his customers, and is quickly able to build relationships with all. Luis is also our resident Chicago Bulls fan, which you will probably notice by the apparel he wears! He enjoys all varieties of sports as a spectator and also as a participant.
  14. Meghan
    Meghan was one of the younger hires at SODA, but still brought experience doing dealership inventory photography. She is a hard worker during the day, but in her off time she enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her fiancé. She enjoys learning about cars and being around them, making her job at SODA that much easier!
  15. Thomas
    Thomas joined SODA at the end of 2016 as one of our Dealer Concierge Reps. He loves being around cars, and has his sights set on a Ferrari 360 Modena Spider in the future! He likes to make music and spend time with his fiancée while eating some pizza and watching the Green Bay Packers. Give him a "Cheesehead" shout out next time you see him!
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